Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Paint Fairies Strike 1

Justin and I are 0.25 steps closer to checking off number 1 on our resolution list, paint. Last weekend, we successfully picked paint colors for our massive two story foyer and living room (more to come) and even got our hands a little dirty painting the pseudo-hallway and foyer by the door to our garage. I don't have any big stories or mistakes to tell you about this time, except that we have already gouged one of the freshly painted walls requiring a patch and touch-up paint, but never fear, it's all good!

Once again we purchased Behr Premium Plus paint, as we did when we dolled up our dining room, to provide an even tone and because it is super easy to work with. At first, we opted to go with a neutral brown tone in that room, but at the last minute decided to punch it up (I love color!) and painted it a celery green (surprise, surprise) that is one shade lighter than our dining room. In fact, the color is Behr grass cloth and is from the same paint chip card. A gallon of Behr Premium Plus paint costs $32 smack-a-roos, but being the money-stretcher I am, I still had $9 left on the Home Depot gift card that I won from One Project Closer's monthly giveaway last September to cash in for this project. That means we got uber-awesome paint for only $23, that's what I call a deal.

Here is the room before with the builder-white "paint". (If your eyes are good, you can catch a glimpse into our forbidden office.)

And with the celery green walls after.

While we were on a roll, literally, we also painted the short little hallway that connects the front of our house to the back of the house (in the form of a few feet) and is the home to our coat closet. After pondering about the color, we chose to paint it the same as the back half of our home, Behr classic taupe. We chose to go this route, rather than select a different color, in order to pull the color from the back of the house into the front, which increases the visual flow between the two. Also, the nude paint color complements the other colors we have chosen for the grand foyer. We also found (after making this decision) that we had almost a full gallon of the paint remaining from when we originally painted the walls last year, which means that we spent zero dinero on this baby project and inched our way toward the bigger goal of having all of our walls painted for free. Bonus!

Has anyone else used leftover paint to spruce up their home? Painted a piece of furniture? Splattered some on blank canvas for some easy DIY art?

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