Friday, January 8, 2010

What type are you?

Yesterday a coworker shared with me Pentagram's season's greetings "card". A few of their creatives developed a concept centered around the question What type are you? Some people may misconstrue this as what kind of person you are, but if you know that Pentagram is a world renown design studio, you'll understand that they are actually asking What type(face) are you?

Pentagram published their "card" on a site that, after four short questions, tells you what typeface suits you the best. The language and smarmy video clips makes it cheeky and worth five minutes of your day. In order to access the quiz, you must submit your name and password, which my coworker told me is "character" (without the quotation marks).

After answering the therapist's impatient questions, it was revealed that I am New Alphabet. Not a font that I am particularly fond of, but the reasoning behind it was nearly spot-on.

(New Alphabet)

My coworker's answers to the questions typed him as Cooper Black italic, which the site explained was an easy-going, comfortable-in-your-skin font, but I'm curious to hear what type you are. So please share!

(Images captured from Pentagram's quiz What type are you?)


  1. I am Baskerville Italic. I've never used this before or even heard of it but I think it matched me pretty well. I put in rational, understated, traditional, and relaxed. Put these in to hear the Doc's diagnosis of me.

  2. I am Architype Van Doesburg. I am emotional, assertive, progressive and disciplined. The exact opposite of Justin. :) I must say I debated on some of my answers could vary greatly depending on the situation or topic at hand.

    However, the typeface is nice, and the therapist was amusing. He teased me by hiding his head, just like Wilson on Home Improvement. I half expected him to be Borat.


  3. What was the meaning of being New alphabet?



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