Friday, January 15, 2010

Shop Z Gallerie

If you are looking for some funky, trendy, somewhat-artsy home decor, your first stop should be Z Gallerie. While out and about the other weekend, I swung into the closest location for a quick swing through the shop. Here are some of my current favs.

I think I have an uncommon attraction to coat trees. I love the simplistic look that most take on and they fulfill a huge problem in my home, where to store your everyday coat when you are too lazy to put it in the coat closet every day. I plan on procuring one to put by our front door and already have some favorites on my list, but this twig one gives my current number one a run for its money.

This glass contraption is a multi-drink dispenser. I think it would be awesome at a baby shower or other small affair. There are three glass containers that stack on top of each other and each have their own spigot, perfect for different colored drinks.

I am drawn to bold colors and this red coral had me at hello. I think a pair of them would look great bookending some well-worn books. These particular ones are fake-ohs but I'm hoping to pick up some real beachy souvenirs when Justin and I head to Hawaii soon!

I've seen various iterations of this hourglass, but I am still drawn to it. Because the glass is clear, it almost looks like the sand is falling out of thin air. I'm also jonesing for those recycled green glass vases. (To all family and friends: my birthday is coming up!)

As of the last year (or more), I've been wanting to get a dog. While completely unpractical at this time in our lives (e.g. work a lot, travel a lot, etc.) I think this silver ode to a bulldog pup would be perfect for our home, and I think Justin might even agree to this canine friend.

Along with the vast display of tree shaped items in the store (see the twig coat tree above), I am lovin' these white dolomite faux bois (fake wood) bowls. I think they would look great filled with some green apples or used as a salad bowl the next time you have your family over and they are only $20 a pop!

I would never complain about leaving this pair of boots at my door, because it is actually an umbrella stand. I had such a hard time passing it up, but the only umbrellas we own are about 8" long and I thought they might get lost in this 18.5" tall stand, but I encourage everyone else to get one, it is unbearably quirky.

While perusing the decor objects in the main space of the store is normally my main reason for visiting, I must not forget that Z Gallerie is also known for its expansive collection of wall art. So, while I'm there, I make sure to sweep through that section as well. These are a few pieces that caught my eye last time. What draws me to these three in particular is that they are so simple, I could easily replicate them.

These would look great in the same room as the red coral (shown above).

So cute, perfect for a baby room!

Anyone have any items from Z Gallerie on their wish list? Do tell!

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