Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Feeling Guilty

Every time Justin and I leave the cats at home when we go on vacation, I feel guilty and inevitably end up buying them treats or new toys. And when we went to Hawaii, it was no different, except that I supplied them with new toys before we left so they had some fun stuff to play with while we were gone. After presenting them with two new faux mice, I snapped some shots of them going wild.

Here they are not quite sure what to make of them...

and about 2 seconds later. (For those that are wondering, yes, that's Harley.)

Seeing that Harley was having all the fun, Benny decided to wait his turn...

until he saw an opening, snagged one for himself...

and tried to hide it in a basket that had been temporarily placed on the floor.

Anyone else feel guilty about leaving their canine, rodent, or feline family member at home when you go on a trip? Do you surprise them with a treat when you get home to get back on their good side?

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  1. I totally feel bad about leaving our cats when we go away, especially when they "talk" to us constantly when we get back and follow us around for days. But no, I don't buy them things. They don't care about toys unless we're playing with them. Their best present is our return.


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