Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brand New

Today's post is brought to you by the letters B and N, as in Brand New, a blog written by designer Armin Vit. Armin created and uses Brand New as an outlet for him to expresses his "opinions on corporate and brand identity work".

I believe most of my graphic designer friends are probably thinking "I've known about Brand New for a while, why is Jessi writing a post on it? It's not new to me." I think this blog is extremely interesting and I think non-designers will find value in the information posted on it, even though it is opinion based.

Armin writes about and posts logos that have been recently redesigned or are new to the industry. His experience in identity work equips him with a credible stance for critiquing a logo's success. The logos he posts are brands we will see and be bombarded with every day of our life, so it's useful to know what will be changing and when the change might occur. Some that I have personally benefitted from were keeping an eye out for the new sweetener, Truvia,

and the new packaging design of Bounce.

When Pepsi Co. released the new look of Tropicana there was a huge negative response to it and since, it has been pulled. Fortunately, Brand New was one of the first blogs to write about it so for those of us who knew of it early, we were ready to look out for it before it was long gone. (It's not every day a major corporation pays tons of money for a rebrand and it bombs.)

In fact, just yesterday, Armin posted the new logo for the Wembley Stadium located in London. Not exactly something you would run into everyday, but for me, currently visiting London, this was great to see. In fact, I may try to go on a tour of the stadium.

So, that is what Brand New is all about. I hope you can see why this blog is in my top 5 and I hope you might find something useful checking in on it too. Cheers!

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