Friday, September 24, 2010

What's your color personality?

I found another quiz for you to take! This one, by Real Simple magazine, quizzes you on various aspects of your personal life (i.e. how you would like to spend your free time, what type of flower arrangement you prefer, etc.) to determine what color represents your personality the best. They call it What's Your Color Personality?.

After answering the mandatory questions, apparently I am an Air personality and represented by the color yellow. If you can't read the description below, Air personalities are "warmhearted, lively, and cheerful" but "can be perceived as a bit flighty, unserious".

I'm not one to categorize myself with ALL of those adjectives (ahem, flighty!?), but I wonder if you think it fits. Also, I want to know what color personality you are, please share!

As a side note, these results seem far off from HGTV's What color is your personality? quiz, which I posted about in May.

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