Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shop Flight 001

In preparation for a quickly approaching trip abroad, I visited a little shop called Flight 001 last week in search of some items that might make my trip more comfortable and efficient.

I was looking for disposable pillow cases and collapsible, flexible water bottles, which they were sold out of (go figure!), but as I was perusing, saw some other nicely designed items that would be helpful traveling and could be cool gifts.

The first product that caught my eye was this Pantone swatch wallet. My photo makes it look huge, but in actuality it is a normal size for a men's wallet.

Then I saw these nylon bags that supposedly you buy many of and use them to organize the items in your suitcase. Although I love the colors and the design, I don't see how these would be any better than reusing plastic shopping bags.

These navy and cream striped cases, most likely for makeup or other small toiletries, had a sailor-ish feel but also reminded me of something Kate Spade might have in store.

Of course this shop had plenty of makeup and suitcases of which I also liked these that had vintage international graphics.

The one item that had me reconsider leaving the store empty-handed was this Grid-it Organizer, which I call a gadget and cord wrangler. This thing might actually be a functioning product, but for $22 I decided to pass it up.

I was surprised to see the shop selling flasks, but I guess it is a travel shop and you can put more than just liquor in a flask...right? Anyways, I couldn't help but like this flask in particular.

So, although Flight 001 did not have the items which drove me to visit the store, I still got to look at some good eye candy and will probably check out more of their inventory in their online shop. Cheers! (Yes, that is a hint at where I'm traveling to!)


  1. I actually have that Grid- It thing and it is amazing! If you are someone, like me, who takes their cell phone charger, laptop charger, camera cords, and various other little things of that nature then you know that those things always end up falling to the bottom of the bag. Sometimes you pull out one thing and all the cords are attached together or caught on one another. The Grid-it actually makes things much easier and I just toss it in with my laptop so it doesnt get in the way. I say go back and get it! (plus its even more expensive trying to find it online most places)

  2. eek! I want a pantone EVERYTHING. that's a cool shop. :)


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