Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best of CS Interiors: Summer 2010

As soon as I picked up a copy of the summer 2010 issue of CS Interiors, I plopped down on my couch and started perusing. There is some good eye candy this issue! Here are some of my favorites.

First, this funky, vertical garden. I've seen these in a few magazines and blogs now and they amaze me. How and what can you grow like this? I know certain things can be planted to grow upside down (like my strawberries), but where do the roots of these plants go? Somebody please tell me!

CS Interiors

Next was this home. Although the photo is quite small in the actual magazine, I am enthralled by all of the pink books. My immediate reaction was, who owns that many pink books and then I read the accompanying paragraph explaining that the owner Dave Albin painted a bunch of second-hand books to use as an art installation for his bookshelves. Ingenious!

Photo by Tate Gunnerson, CS Interiors

The article married to these next two beautiful photos describes the design excellence of a Chicago home's three-tiered patio deck. I enjoyed reading the article but more so liked looking at the pictures. I love the space's minimalism with much needed splashes of organic colors, textures, and shapes. Also, the little Yorkie pup was a selling point as well.

Photo by Bob Coscarelli, CS Interiors

Photo by Bob Coscarelli, CS Interiors

I always make sure to take a few extra minutes browsing the Trends! section of CS Interiors. I like to see what is coming around the corner while at the same time scoping out some cool stuff. This issue, the magazine fittingly showcased some cool planters that would be excellent in any home (especially ours). These two were my favorites from the bunch.

Wood grain herb pots by Magenta

CS Interiors

PAD Pod planters at Sprout Home

CS Interiors

Because this glossy is localized (the C in CS stands for Chicago) when I flip through the pages, I am bound to add items to my "To Buy," "To Wish For," or "To Visit" lists, like this shop Marco Polo Antiques. I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of tiptoeing through antique stores so not to break anything and therefore tend to avoid them all together but one that touts its Haute Farm goods, I've got to visit. Just look at this image for example. It looks wonderful.

Photo by Jim White, CS Interiors

And of course, I have to show you images of the amazing featured homes. The first is the Wisconsin weekend retreat of Jay Franke and David Herro. As you can see, it oozes with mid-century-modern lushness

Photo by Tony Soluri, CS Interiors

Photo by Tony Soluri, CS Interiors

But what really makes my heart flutter is the art gallery in their stairwell. I love love love the collectible-kitschy vibe it has going on.

Photo by Tony Soluri, CS Interiors

The second featured home is the Michigan weekend getaway for Jodi and Walt Eckenhoff. They designed, built, and decorated it themselves all with eco-friendly materials. This photo alone convinces the city-girl in me that living in the woods (preferably on a lake) wouldn't be too bad.

Photo by Tony Soluri, CS Interiors

Anybody else lovin' the summer 2010 issue of CS Interiors as much as me? Want to flip through the whole issue? Read it online!

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