Friday, September 10, 2010

Budget Bouquets 1

One of my must-read-every-single-day blogs posts regularly about a cute gift her hubby gave her for Christmas a year or two ago, which they titled Budget Blooms. I've been reading their blog (Young House Love) for sometime now and always think how I would love to experiment more with flowers and arranging flowers. I am by no means a flower artist, but I do own many vases and vessels that I like to dust off every now and again when I receive some blooms from my sweet hubby (or pick them up for myself). So, recently I have decided that I would like to either teach myself or learn-by-practicing how to arrange flowers. Additionally, to piggy back on YHL's Budget Blooms, I'm going to try to stick with bouquest that cost less than $10 a bunch and see how far I can stretch them. Here's my first go at it.

During a typical grocery stop, I picked up a flower bouquet from my local Aldi's store for $3.99. Once home, I took out many vases and jars and strategized. I enjoy arrangements that are either extremely simple, with 2-3 types of flowers, or extremely complex and large. Since I had a small inventory to work with, I determined I could create 5 pieces with my $4 bouquet.

I love having fresh flowers scattered around the house so once I had these babies in vases, I placed one arrangement on a desk around the front entry of our home.

This one on my vanity in our bedroom.

And I lined these three up on our kitchen island

So, for my first attempt at arranging budget bouquets, I think I did a pretty fair job. However, if there are any florists out there who see where I could improve or want to offer me some free advice or tips, please let me know. I'm dying to learn how you work your magic!

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