Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eat Local Art

No no no, I'm not promoting the digestive consumption of art, I'm actually talking about this new piece in our home titled Eat Local. The cool thing is that it is a kitchen dishtowel that has been screen printed with this adorable illustration by Helen Dardik for BlueQ (a great design shop that sells all sorts of knick-knacks and other funky items).

I picked it up during my week at the HOW Design Conference in Denver and I am absolutely enthralled. I saw it in a shop, checked out the price ($12.99!), and snatched up the last one. After returning home, I scoured all of my go-to stores for a frame it would fit in and settled for a black Ikea Ribba frame ($24.99).

Although I'm not pleased the frame's "glass" is plexi (they fooled me!), I am very excited this baby is now on the wall. Justin even likes it!

So for $38 smack-o-las, we got a piece that is not mass produced, semi-inexpensive, and something we think is awesome!


  1. That is super fun! I love buying art from little known artists/crafters. Makes the house so much more unique.


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