Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Sweetness

I finally caved last weekend and bought CB2's 10 degree coat tree, which I have been eying for at least the past year. I figured once I got home I would put it together immediately, but instead it has been sitting in its box sprawled across the middle of our family room. When I headed upstairs to bed last night, I nonchalantly called over my should to Justin, "if you get bored, you could always put the coat tree together!" and to my surprise, when I went downstairs this morning, not only was it assembled expertly, there was a really sweet note attached to it.

The funny part is that I know he had no idea what he was putting together until looking at the instructions (if he did that), so his comment about the "cool looking tree thingy" cracks me up. Isn't my husband the greatest?

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