Friday, July 16, 2010

The Paint Fairies Strike 4

I came down with the painting craze last weekend. You know you're infected with it when your 6'2" husband gets home and finds his 5'2"-wife teetering on a barstool trying to reach the ceiling corner so she doesn't have to wait until he gets home to help her and so she can say she did it all by herself. And only when a painting project is finished, in less than 12 hours (including a night of sleep), do you know she has survived it. To some, I may be considered the victim, but in fact, the victim this time was our second story hallway (see below).

For a while I have had the framed art and photos in place, but for some reason I never found the time or motivation to pick a color and paint. Then a few weeks ago, while perusing my local Home Depot, I found the perfect color in the oops bin and for $5, I was willing to take the risk and just go for it. In the end it was totally worth it.

I adore the sophisticated, soft, gray tone that welcomes you with a modern attitude. This space is so angular that when every bedroom door is open, funky shadows criss-cross each other creating artistic lighting. Not surprisingly, the paint color was a custom match, but if you want the same, bring in this information to Home Depot and they should be able to replicate it.
Base 1: GL6411
B: 2-OZ, 0-384th
C: 1-OZ, 304-384th
F: 0-OZ, 64-384th

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