Monday, July 12, 2010

Boats, Trains, and Automobiles

Today I'm letting you in on some interesting facts about my commuting life.
1) Our house is 50 miles from my office in downtown Chicago.
2) I commute at least 2 hours each way before and after work, pending all of my public transportation is running on time.
3) I use four modes of transportation during the day: car, bus, train, and boat

Most of you may jump to the assumption that I must hate my life because of my commute, but I actually don't, rather I enjoy the commute. I get time to myself and don't have to worry about traffic or other road-rage inducing factors.

Last week, the weather was so beautiful that I brought my camera to work with me so I could snap some photos of the great architecture along the banks of the Chicago River. Here are four of my favorites from my 15 minute boat ride that day. (You can see more if you click to read the whole post.)

These would be great printed and framed, similar to what I did with photos I took on our honeymoon in Italy.

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