Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Type with Style

There is something that pulls at my heartstrings when I receive a handwritten note, whether it be in the mail or just left on my desk, I always get warm fuzzies. I remember being away at summer camp and receiving letters and cards from my mom, updating me on the curiosities my cat was getting into and I remember sending my grandparents letters telling them all about my upcoming travel plans to visit them. But where have those gone? I believe we all still enjoy receiving letters and maybe even more so because they are rare these days, so why have we stopped sending them? Ah, that's right, because we are all uber-busy and it is much faster and instant to tap out a quick email when we feel the need to reach out to a friend or family member. Am I wrong?

Well today, I tip my hat off to Pilot for creating this sweet little tool that takes your handwriting and turns it into a font that you use when you email notes to your friends and family. It doesn't bring back the excitement of receiving a note about the weather in your mailbox, but I felt nostalgia when I saw it.

Ready to make your own font? The process is simple. Go to Pilot's site, print out a template, fill it in, upload it (scanner, camera, or webcam), and then type your message.

Here is my font I call jessi.

And here's a note I typed to myself using my font.

Isn't it the coolest thing you've seen today? Try it out and send me a note, I'd love to see your handwriting!

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