Friday, June 4, 2010

Great Grad Gift

It's that time of year again, when kids will be flying their coops, as their parents watch with anticipation, fear, and pride. Although I don't personally know anyone graduating this year, hearing my coworkers excitement about attending grad parties made me think of my graduation and all the sweet gifts I got.

So, today, I am sharing with you one of my all-time greatest graduation gifts. However, I am kind of cheating when I call this a grad gift, because I didn't receive it until moving into my first off-campus apartment my sophomore year of college, but it was one of the practical things my parents bought me when I moved into my first off-campus apartment and it would have been extremely useful from day one my freshman year.

That said, I present to you the Rubbermaid Tough Tools Portable Kit.

This baby has it all: an adjustable wrench, needle-nose pliers, measuring tape, groove joint pliers, ratcheting screwdriver, level, hammer, and small selection of nails and screws. Since receiving it over five years ago, I have added a couple box cutters, a teeney-tiny level, a few allen wrenches, and some additional bits for the screw driver.

And speaking of the screwdriver, Rubbermaid really maximized the space because the end comes off, revealing a handy storage compartment for all the extra bits. There is even more storage in the divided container and is great for stashing extra screws, nails, and other odds-and-ends you collect over time.

But, the best part of all, is that you can zip it shut, around all three sides, and stow it in a small space. It's perfect for a dorm room or 400-square-foot apartment that doesn't even have a kitchen.

We keep ours in our coat closet on the first floor and it is the first thing we grab when needing a tool for a fix. Some people have a drawer where they keep a couple tools handy, but this works just fine for us. The final kicker (if I haven't sold you on it yet) is that it can be purchased for about $35 and in our opinion, is worth every penny. I highly recommend it as a gift for a fresh graduate, but also for anyone moving out on their own.

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