Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to Bed(ding)

Ever since moving in and painting our master bedroom sea-foam-blue-green, I have been unable to find bedding that I have been completely happy with. I have tried comforters, duvets, quilts, blankets, and everything else under the sun but nothing truly satisfied my aesthetic appetite. As a result, we now have a closet full of cast-off bedding (anyone looking for a comforter for their king size bed?).

Because of my discontent, I have been swapping out our bedding about every three months, but there is one set that I consistently go back to, this comforter from Linen's 'N Things.

What I love about it are the rich colors and how it contrasts with our wall color, Laurel Mist by Behr. However, when the weather starts creeping above 50 degrees, it gets a bit hot under the thick comforter.

Also, the dark moody red and burgundy feel a bit heavy in the spring so I've always kept my eye out for something more fitting for the summer months.

Then one day, while I was doing my usual loop through Target's clearance home decor, I crossed paths with this beaut by Thomas O'Brien. Thanks to my ziploc bag of our home's paint and fabric swatches, which I always carry in my purse, I held up our wall paint color and instantly knew it was perfect.

(Look at those thin, skinny stripes of blues, greens, and creams!)

Into my basket it went and I turned down the next aisle, coming face-to-face with clearance pillows. Uh. Oh. In about .2 seconds, these three babies were tucked under my arm, guarding them from the other nonexistent shoppers about to snag them for their own—grrr.

Now that everyone is home safe and sound, I can't believe how great it all looks together: the wall color, furniture wood tone, two sets of slightly different colored sheets, new blanket, and throw pillows.

I can't even remember how I slept in such a dark space. The new bedding brightens and provides visual air to our room. I think it is safe to say it exudes a sense of beachy-ness, but what do you think? Do you like what we had before or the new bedding? Does anyone else swap out their bedding when the seasons change?

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  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I too am in the search for the "perfect" bedding for our queen bed. I'm so scared to paint though! Our room color is a lighter mocha so I'm going to earthy/brown colors for now. I also have a similar three-art piece above our bed!!! I just might try out the same set!!! :D Love your blog. It's one of the best!!! Plz keep posting!!! I just might try out the set on our bed!


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