Monday, March 22, 2010

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Long before we painted our gigantic 2-story front living room, I had a plan for this massive wall that greets you upon entering our home...and my idea is as grand as the 18 foot wall.

As soon as we got some paint on the walls, taking it from insane asylum white...

to Teddy Ruxpin velvety brown...

I was chomping at the bit to implement my next vision, the appearance of windows on that wall. I raced to the nearest Ikea and picked up two of these show-stopping-Mongstad mirrors that I have had my eye on for nearly a year now. The first attempt at purchasing them resulted in huffing and heaving them out to the car, grunting and groaning as we tried to shove each of their 50 pound bodies into our car's trunk (ha!), and sad puppy dog faces when we realized they weren't going to fit (well, at least I made a sad puppy dog face). But never fear, that's what the in-laws' car is for right? The following weekend, my mother-in-law and I went back to Ikea and returned home victorious, thanks to her minivan. (Remind me again why I don't want a minivan...)

Any-who, back to the story, I believe the natural stance of these mirrors is to lean, but since I foresee this area of our home being a high trafficked space, I didn't want to leave open the opportunity for these to be bumped and go crashing to the floor. I also want them to be window-like, which are normally off the floor and not at an angle, so, I decided I to hang 'em up—all 50 pounds each.

Because I had carefully measured where I wanted to hang these and since they are so hefty, I knew that I was going to need special drywall anchors. I was not going to succumb to hanging them only where we could find studs, so in order to ensure their attachment to the wall I called upon our all knowing and having friend, Home Depot. There, I found drywall anchors that promised to hold up to 75 pounds (25 more than the weight of these mirrors). So I bought a set for each mirror and within 30 minutes of being home had Justin drilling holes...and no more than 10 minutes later had them in place.

I was so excited to see them on our walls and happy that they didn't fall within 15 minutes, 24 hours, or 7 days later. (Yes, they are still up, even today!)

What do you guys think? While I love them to no end, I think that wall could use a little more oomph, and don't worry, I've got some coming.


  1. So cute! It's fun to see your house become a beautiful, modern, comfy home. :)


  2. My daughter and I could fit anything in our Taurus Wagon. When we graduated to a mini-van, we could bring home entire rooms! The trans died and I still miss it, and my kids all drive now. Do it yourself people all need mini-vans or trucks. Love those mirrors, I have no large spots for one.

  3. Margaret

    It sounds like you two had a ton of fun in your car. I can't wait until I can upgrade my Jetta!

  4. Mirrors look great! What's the name of the paint color on your walls?? Beautiful...


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