Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Burning the Midnight Wax 2

In December, I posted a how-to on removing the hard-to-reach leftover bits and remains of wax a candle leaves in its jar once it has burnt out. Since then, I learned of a much better, easier, and safer way to do the same thing thanks to my mother-in-law. So when another candle flickered out last weekend, I thought what better time than now to try it out and boy, I'm glad I did!

Here's my candle after the flame died.

You can see from above that it left a nice, thick ring of wax taunting me from the inside of the vase.

So, what I was told to do is soak the candle in warm, soapy water for an hour or so...

and the heat from the water makes the wax soft and malleable. In fact, my little hunk of wax loosened itself up and floated to the top of the jar.

All I had to do was grab a hold of that sucker and pull it out.

And the best part about this method is no waiting 24 hours for it to freeze. No knives. No potential to stab yourself as you slowly chip away at the wax.

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