Monday, March 8, 2010

Makeover: Tricia's Mom's Kitchen Cabinets

When my coworker, Tricia, told me that she was painting her mom's dark kitchen cabinets with a fresh and bright white, I told her I couldn't wait to see the results. Then I continued to bug her about it for the next couple months and finally, the results are in!

Here are the cabinets before:

The rustic hardware

After a lot of Tricia's elbow grease and a few months of putting in weekend hours, the cabinets breathe a breath of new life and look young again. (I bet that the kitchen looks 10 times bigger too.)

The new contemporary hardware

Doesn't it look ah-maze-ing? Great job Tricia, your mom is one lucky lady! What else do you have up your sleeve?


  1. Jessi--thanks for the props! It took a long time as I had to do it in my spare time but my mom (and I) are so happy with the results!! Still have some more things to finish but it feels like a brand new kitchen--bright and refreshing not drab, gloomy and a blast back to the 70's!!

  2. The cabinets are stunning. Hopefully your pictures have helped convince some hesitant people to paint theirs.


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