Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Shop Anthropologie

We finally got our first dose of real snow and it is going no where. (The weatherman says the 1/2" we got last Thursday was the official first day but what does he know?) The white mess all over reminds me of the merchandise displays at Anthropologie this season.

All of the displays had a rustic, outdoorsy, travel theme going on. To the right of the main door sat this gigantic stainless steel planter filled with small boulders. Long tree branches protruded from the cracks that the stacked boulders made and attached to those branches are street signs that pointed in all directions. I thought this would be a cool way to display those street signs you stole in college...on second thought, maybe not.

Just inside to the left, the large typographic letters that were used as a backdrop for the window displays were craftily covered with road maps obviously torn out from an atlas. I've been thinking of purchasing a map the size of my office wall to use as a wall paper, but I might try this technique out first.

Above the register area was this massive structure hanging from the ceiling. I would have been a bit nervous for the girl working right below it until I walked up and saw that it was made out of paper. It seems the be various rolls of paper. I'm going to try to do this for the New Year's Eve party Justin and I are throwing because it is genius, packs a big punch, and inexpensive.

Talk about sleeping with the birds! (Or was it fishes?) Literally bringing the outdoors in, the combination of the tree, glass chandelier, chopped wood, and luxurious looking comforter is dream like. The perfect balance between rough and soft textures encourages me to crawl in, right then and there.

Continuing the tree house effect, the built in cabinet alongside the back wall had branches injected into the shelving units. Here you can see they used the  branch as a rod to hang clothes.

But, enough about how the store looked, let's get to the goods! When I stepped through the door, a waft of the most succulent scent filled my nose. To figure out what smelled so good, I followed my sniffer to the source, these beautiful blue candles that are marketed to be from the volcano on Capri Island in Italy. Talk about reminiscent. That stop on our honeymoon in Italy was one of my favorites and is commemorated with a photo on our family room wall.

Sitting next to the candle mound were these etched champagne glasses. I like these because the etching gives, the otherwise basic glasses, a little more oomph. I'm thinking of attempting to recreate these with some inexpensive toasting glasses of my own. You can buy a glass etching kit from any of the major craft stores. Wouldn't these be elegant to clink on New Year's Eve?

Some other items that I adored were these giant magnifying glasses. They looked especially cool in multiples and staggered so the overlapping lenses doubled the magnification of what was behind them.

If you've just picked up the sweetest dresser from your local thrift shop, look no further than Anthropologie for unique handles, door knobs, and hooks. These are three of my select picks.

On the prowl for something special to give to your boss, neighbor, or New Year's Eve host? I think these charming bird houses or feeders would be perfect! They are hung from sturdy rope, which solves the problem of having a tree to put it in or a post to mount it on. Their handmade aesthetic gives them a whimsical feel.

I found this lil beaut shoved behind some items in the clearance section. Isn't it awesome? I imagined it in a super modern bathroom or hung above a table making a perfect vanity station. I just wish I had one of those spaces!

This small mirror could work on a vanity as well, or it could be placed next to your jewelry box as you don yourself with jewels in the morning. The small twig extensions are perfect for hanging your most frequently used necklaces, rings, you name it!

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