Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I love my handles

The second project Justin and I tackled last weekend was installing handles on our kitchen cabinets.

Our kitchen is by no means on the small side, so when we decided to install hardware on the cabinets, we were thinking it would cost about $75. But of course, the handles we chose cost $4 a pop, surpassing our $75 dreams quickly when we realized we had 40 cabinets and drawers. This meant our cheap-o project wasn't so cheap anymore. Of course, we didn't throw in the check book towel, we resolved to get this project done by the end of the year and picked up a few each time we visited trusty 'ol Home Depot. In addition to gradually buying them, we received three $10-off-$50-purchase coupons which basically handed us two free handles each purchase. In a couple months time we finally had them all stacked up and ready to go and in a couple hours, our kitchen got a nice brushed-nickel facelift.

Here's how we did it:
First, Justin made a template out of a cardboard box we had in our recycling bin, He measured from the corner of the cabinet and was able to use the template on all the doors, but had to measure each of the drawers individually.

Then he taped the template to each door and drilled the two holes for each pull.

Once the holes were drilled, he stuck the bolts through the back and screwed them into the handle, making sure it was nice and tight. No loose handles here!

And that's all it took to take our on-the-verge-of-traditional-looking cabinets to clean and contemporary.


  1. I did a major (and expensive ) kitchen renovation almost 13 years ago. I still don't have the nerve to drill into my cabinets.

  2. It was very nerve wracking, but totally worth it!

  3. Love it! Now both of our kitchens have cabinet handles!


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