Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fa-la-la-la-la Family Room

I keep reminding everyone of the Christmas Tree massacre and even gave a tip how to repel your kitties from your favorite evergreen, but today, I am finally sharing photos of the dazzling (and upright) tree in our family room.

This the first year we have been able to put up two trees in our home and we love having the formal one (photos to come) in the front half of our house for the passersby to see, courtesy of the large windows in our living room. And we keep this gem to ourselves in the family room in the back half of the house.

I always have trouble keeping the color flow between our family room, dinette, and kitchen since the family room accent color is orange, which slightly contrasts the dinette and kitchen's red accent. However, last year, I scored bookoo deals on all of the ornaments and other holiday decor for this room by waiting until after Christmas to shop. Fortunately, the red, gold, and burgundy ornaments don't sorely contrast the orange, but rather pull that balance through the room.

I picked up these stocking holders this year and love the shapes. I think the black balances the mantel decor with the rest of the space perfectly.

I bought this metal tree from Urban Outfitters (I still think they sell them) back when I was in college. It was tagged as jewelry stand but I like using it as an element on our mantel. It also gets a dash of glam when I dress it up during the holiday season with mini ornaments.

I went a little crazy with the ornament buying last year (I blame it on the deals) and bought too many. Though, good thing I did since many of them were lost when the tree face-planted less than 24 hours after being put up. After redressing the tree, I stacked medium-sized ornaments in some vases left over from our wedding centerpieces. I have two clusters, a set is here on one end of our mantel and the other sits in the middle of our dinette table as a centerpiece.

This concludes the Fa-la-la-la-la Family Room this year. Check back tomorrow for another room, frosted with holiday cheer.

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