Thursday, December 24, 2009

Deck the Dining room

Yesterday, I gave you a peep into our dining room, my favorite of the decorated rooms this year. I realize that not much was revealed in this small glimpse, but that's what a sneak peek is all about!

So, without further ado, here's the dining room with all the halls decked. I love that by positioning our tree off center in the living room, it frames the extended space unsystematically, yet visually it is comfortable.

A shot down the table.

I love the antler that I picked up from the vintage store during our up to the Twin Cities so much, that instead of removing it and clustering candles or ornaments for a centerpiece (as I so often do), I draped it with some beaded garland that I had picked up on mega clearance last year. I love the rustic glam look it has.

My other holiday decorative fallback is wrapping a small length of garland around the chandelier and hanging extra-large ornaments from the light's arms. I also draped the rest of the silver beaded-garland for a slight dash of glam.

The new addition to my holiday decor (bought pre-after-Christmas sales) is this set of stuffed felt trees from CB2. I have thought of so many different ways to spruce them up, since they are essentially large pin cushions, but decided that in their first year in our home they would stay as they are.

Lastly, I popped some extra ornaments in the table settings' bowls and kept the square cuts of kraft paper to break up the white dinnerware.

Hopefully, you see why I am loving our dining room this season and maybe it inspired you to look at your holiday decor in a new way (or gave you some ideas to copy!). Happy holidays!

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  1. So it's not even close to Christmas yet but I totally want something different this year. Your post absolutely inspired me! Thank you!


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