Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bad Impressions

When Justin and I put up our holiday decorations each season, it is inevitable that some furniture will need to be moved around. After sitting in the same spot for at least a year, our various couches, chairs, and media stands leave deep impressions in the lush terrain. To me, these are the equivalent to divots in a perfectly manicured golf course and one of my biggest pet peeves. In addition to being common during the holiday season, I noticed them when touring homes for sale. If you have put all the hard work into properly preparing your home for an open house or tour (including consolidating, organizing, cleaning, and staging) you might as well go the extra mile and rub those little dents out. Unfortunately, it may be easier said than done, which leads me to my tip of how to eliminate carpet impressions.

I originally received this tip in a forwarded email that included a bunch of "old housewives" tips for your home and gave it a go after putting up our decorations a few weeks ago. These blemishes are what I'm talking about:

It may just be me, but the dents scream out, "For 14 months it was my job to hold the couch in place and now look at me! Talk about hazardous working conditions AND you know that means that I and the surrounding area hasn't been thoroughly vacuumed in that time either (wink, wink)."

Anyways, the secret trick to silencing those tattletales is to put ice cubes on the indent, let them melt and when the carpet is still a little damp, rub the mark out. If the impression is especially deep, use a fork, screw driver, or other pointy hand held device to fluff the pile. (It wouldn't be a bad idea to vacuum the area either.)

After you have completed the steps, say sayonara to those mini divots and konnichiha to the renewed plush landscape.

Before having any guests over this season, I am going to use this simple trick to rid our house of all the bad carpet impressions so my cleaning habits aren't broadcasted all over our house.

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