Friday, December 3, 2010

Empty office

After leaving you in suspense over our hoarder-esque office last week, I'm back to share evidence that we, in fact, do have a floor in there.

It took us a few days to unload everything, but having a clean slate to work with was so worth the effort and time.

I think when most people are completely redecorating a room they tend to sort through their belongings as they remove them from the space. I'm the opposite. As we start to put everything back in our office, I plan to go through and pare down. There's nothing worse than getting rid of a ton of stuff and then realizing you could have used that large leftover finial as a bookend.

So, now who's ready to see some color on those walls? I sure am. Stay tuned for more progress next week, it's going to be a doosie!

PS: If anyone has photography tips on how to reduce the graininess in my images, shoot me an email. I'm getting desperate!

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