Monday, December 27, 2010

The Desk

Here's the desk for our office! In addition to adopting this awesome bookcase from Justin's grandma, we also snagged this amazing mid-century modern desk.

I'm not feeling the chair and think I have already found a replacement, but I sure do love the woodwork on the drawer and the round knobs.

I originally considered refinishing it, but after using it a few times, I have determined that I enjoy the worn surfaces and it's character too much to fix it up. The wood looks like it has been finished before (I'm assuming by Justin's grandpa) and when I see the parts where the stain streaks because it wasn't rubbed in completely, I like remembering him.

Now it seems we have all the furniture we need (or want) for this space. We've got this desk, the couch, and an open concept Vintage Modern, Thomas O'Brien bookshelf that has been sitting vacant in our basement for the past couple years—it's time to start arranging the layout.

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