Friday, October 15, 2010

Plates, candlesticks, and bowls, oh my!

In preparation of decorating our home for the upcoming Halloween holiday, I wanted to create a centerpiece for our square, counter-height table in our eat-in kitchen area. Taking advantage of the 1/2 price sticker day at Goodwill (Sundays and Mondays if you are wondering), I zipped over Sunday afternoon, donated the items that had begun to overspill our "Goodwill box" in the laundry room, and scoured their shelves looking for inspiration.

As I was browsing, I vaguely remembered a project on my want-to-do list that encompassed creating cake pedestals from recycled candlesticks and plates and some spray paint. So with a direction in mind, I began to pick out various sized candlesticks and plates. Once my basket was full, I situated myself in a conspicuous area in the shop and began playing around with the different sizes, heights, and quantities. I ended up arranging a group of three small stands at descending heights (groupings are always great in odd multiples). Orange was the color of the 1/2 price items that day, so I paid extra attention to selecting items with orange price tags.

Here is my thrift score from the search, which I walked away with for just under $6.

As you can see above, some of the items were quite dirty and the candlesticks had wax remnants, so as soon as I got home I washed them up and made sure I still remembered the arrangement I conjured up in Goodwill.

Then I took them out back and sprayed them with two coats of glossy black paint. VoilĂ , a trio of miniature cake stands.

I was a little concerned with the coverage on the clear glass candlestick (far back right) and the candlestick that had the painted flower detailing (front and center), but both turned out perfectly. In fact, the spray paint clung so well that I didn't even have any drips, a difficult feat for me! Now I can't wait to share my tablescape design with you. Check back Monday for all the gory details—bwah, ha, ha!


  1. Love it! I thought about doing the same thing, but I was concerned about the spray paint peeling off.

  2. I just tried this, but I sprayed too close (due to the serious winds outside) and now I have drips all over my pretty glass! What do I do? Do you have any tips to fix this?

  3. Chimes: I don't think this paint is going to peel anytime soon. It is really stuck on there.

    Elaina: I would try using a fine grit sandpaper to sand them off OR you could go at them with a utility knife. Then, spray a new coat and hope for the best (and a wind-free day). Good luck!

  4. can you actually serve food on the spray painted cake plates or do you have to cover it with something - maybe they are not for food - just wondering if the paint is food safe?


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