Monday, August 23, 2010

One Shining Star

**Spoiler Alert** (For those that have DVR'd the Design Star finale but haven't watched it yet, do not read until you have done so! or do and pretend your surprised when they announce the winner.)

Well, I did not predict the next HGTV Design Star correctly, but I got very close. Although Michael Moeller did not win HGTV's Design Star Sunday night, he did rank second in the competition and I still believe he's a great designer but...

So is the new HGTV designer Emily Henderson!

Her design was lacking star quality in the beginning of the competition, but she really came out of her shell the last couple episodes with some great ideas and excellent design.

In fact, as Justin and I watched her shape her final room on the show, I said to him that the color palette was exactly what I am trying to exude in our office. So thanks Emily for helping me hone in on my palette!

I'm already looking forward to the next season!

(All photos are from HGTV Design Star site.)

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