Monday, August 23, 2010

Morphing Babies

Have you ever wondered what you and your spouse's future bambinos will look like? (Don't lie, everyone has.) Well I have some good news for you! The Bump has teamed up with  to create this fun-albeit-kinda-creepy application they call the baby morpher and it's super easy to use.

First, upload photos of the two faces you would like to morph together, choose your gender and skin tone if you like, and hit the make a baby button. Less than a minute later out pops a little munchkin (which seems much easier than actually giving birth).

The first time I tested it out, I let the computer select the gender and skin tone, and we were blessed with this adorable baby boy. (I didn't know babies came with full sets of teeth!)

Then to even the playing field I sent it through again and this angel showed up.

I think it's funny that not only do both babies have very light eyebrows (note: mine are so fair you can barely see them) but they are both blonde as well! However, I take this fortune telling with a grain of salt. I think it will be fun to compare these images with our actual children when that time comes to see how accurate the computer is. One last thing, you can only make 2 babies with The Bump's baby morpher so make sure you have selected your photos carefully. And if you care to share, I'd love to see your future kiddos so send them my way!


  1. This reminds me of the photo album scene in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Creepy but awesome.

  2. I know, I couldn't help myself when I came across it. Let's be real, who wouldn't have fun playing with this?


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