Thursday, April 1, 2010

Magic Fabric

After tackling painting the walls and hanging two 50 pound mirrors in our front entry way. I still did not feel there was enough visual interest to balance that side of the room with the business going on in our living room, so I started brainstorming what I could do to spruce it up.

The first thought I had was paint. It's cheap, relatively easy to apply and fast, but I did not want to mess with our freshly painted walls and wanted something even less permanent than paint (in case I change my mind in 6 months because it has been known to happen). So paint was crossed off the brainstorm list.

Then I came across some really cool wallpaper in a Martha Stewart Living magazine and I started day dreaming about graphic patterns on the wall. They were short lived though, because after I saw the price ($80 a roll!) I knew it wouldn't work for us. And I didn't want to send Justin up the wall to hang wallpaper since 1) he's never hung wallpaper before and 2) it is not the easiest (or cleanest!) material to work with.

The third idea I had was wall art. Not as cheap as paint, but somewhat easy to hang and not permanent what-so-ever. However, the problem with the wall is that because it is so high, the space that needs something is the blank upper half of the wall. I didn't see the idea of hanging a giant piece of art above the mirrors practical or budget friendly so that was the third idea to go.

Then I thought fabric. There are numerous applications that can be done with fabric, it too—just like wall art—is not permanent, and if you know where to go, can be inexpensive. So, I started brainstorming. Strech fabric over a giant canvas frame and hang it above the mirrors? No. Create curtain-like panels that drape somehow? Maybe. Sew panels of fabric that can be hung from the ceiling down to the floor behind the mirrors making it seem like the mirrors are hanging on the panels of fabric? Now we're talking.

After some time searching every reasonably-priced fabric store known to man in the Chicago area, including the giant warehouse I found silk at for the curtains in the dining room, and coming up empty handed I almost threw in the towel. All I was looking for was a large graphic print with green and brown colors, I didn't understand why it was so difficult. Then the sky opened up and I was enlightened, eureka, Ikea!

After one trip to the fabulous Swedish store, Justin and I came home with seven yards of exactly what we were looking for, Majken fabric in white, beige, green, and dark black-brown.

The beauty of finding fabric at the superstore was that because we purchased our mirrors from Ikea as well, we were able to bring the fabric to a display highlighting the mirror to see how the color and pattern would look hanging behind the mirror. It was perfect, as you can see.

Once Justin defied gravity again, I was amazed by the transformation a few yards of fabric could make. It visually balances and livens up the wall but isn't overwhelming because there is plenty of white space. Also, the beige color within the pattern is nearly the exact color of our walls which plays tricks on your eyes. Only from up close do you truly notice that it isn't paint but fabric instead.

If you're wondering how in the world Justin and I accomplished this, check this post for the tell-all tutorial.

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  1. This looks amazing Jessi! Your budget-minded creativity is inspiring. I just love your color scheme too; every time I look at your blog I wish I could transplant it to our apartment. :)


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