Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Leitfaden not Lightsaber

This may just be a concept for a sewing machine, but if this is any indication of the direction sewing machine technology is heading, sign me up.

The designers of this beautiful machine are Monika Jakubek and Anna Müller and I believe they are from Germany. After checking out their individual websites it made me sick to find out that one is only a few years older than me and the other is a few years younger! (Talk about showing up me and all other 20-30 year-olds.)

What makes this sewing machine so unique is not just its design, but what it can do. The Leitfaden (as the designers call it) can color match thread to any fabric or swatch. It uses ink to instantaneously dye the thread as the machine is sewing. This means no more bins full of thread or searching for the perfect color match to your vintage fabric because this baby can make it. Hallelujah!

Based on the photos from Anna Müller's site, it looks like there is a reader or scanner on the the top of the arm of the machine where you hold up your color swatch or fabric.

Then as you are sewing along, the thread comes out of the machine matching your selection.

Another awesome new feature is the laser that displays the stitching pattern and alignment before you run the fabric through.

And even though this product is in the conceptual stage, I wouldn't be surprised to see new and exciting things coming from Singer or Brother in the near future. (At least I hope!)

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