Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Chair

Over Easter weekend we adopted a quirky wing chair from my grandma and added it to our furniture collection. In our extended family this chair has been lovingly referred to as Ugly Chair, but I say no more! Because I acquired it on Easter and the colors remind me of early spring, I have renamed it the Easter Chair.

It wasn't easy to determine where to put our new chair and it ended up sitting in our entry way for about a week before I found the perfect spot. I originally thought I would put it in one of the guest rooms, but this baby needed to be seen so I didn't feel right locking it up in a room where rarely anyone would see it. Therefore, I decided it would look best in our dining room. The colors in the chair work great with the green wall color and it adds an eccentric flare to the space. (See Easter Chair in all her glory below.)

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the dark wood legs on the chair match the dark brown color we painted the dining room table and chairs.

This photo shows you a close-up of the upholstery fabric. These birds (I think they are pheasants) are why my family dubbed it the Ugly Chair for so long, but I actually love them.

Passing furniture around within our family is not a new concept, and I'm sure not unique to my family. Furniture can be extremely expensive and sometimes swapping a chair or couch can really refresh an otherwise tired space. Handing down furniture also saves adding more garbage to our landfills; therefore, I am all for it. In fact, if someone is giving something away or is trying to get rid of something, give me a call. If I don't want it, which is rarely the case, I bet I'll be able to find someone else that will take it. Have you adopted anything from a family member that they disliked, but you loved?

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  1. Love the green colour. Can you tell me paint brand and code please? I need an accent wall with punch!
    email me at jasongwalsh0@hotmail dot com

    thanks so much!


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