Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shop CB2

CB2 is one of my go-to stores for gifts and unique decor items. Its first store opened in Chicago in 2000, as a modern destination of Crate and Barrel. I truly covet this store and several things in my house hail from it. Some of these are our family room area rug,

these stuffed felt trees,

and the shower curtain and rugs in our guest bathroom.

As you can see, CB2 is a bright, modern home store and I'll let you in on a little secret, it's super affordable too, thanks Crate and Barrel!

A few weeks ago, on a trip to find a gift for my best friend, I snapped some photos of my favorite things to share with y'all.

First are these recycled bicycle spoke mirrors. Multiples look best in odd quantities and these mirrors prove that point. What I like most about them is the sculptural quality that the spokes create and that they are eco-friendly since they are made from reclaimed bike wheels. The dark wall color truly complements the beautiful iron metal and makes these feel vintage.

Another set of mirrors that caught my wandering eye are these convex metal domes. Once again, the beautiful metal would be highlighted even more against a rich wall color.

The bright wall color of this display instantly drew my attention. I especially liked the simple display of these clear glass candlesticks. Because they are clear they have a light airy quality; it's funny that the shadows they cast are more prominent than they are.

Yet again, here's another coat tree. I noticed this one in a catalog I received a few months ago and thought to myself, that's the perfect green color. The $50 price tag isn't too bad either.

Next up was this display showing off some wine glasses. I don't find the wine glasses particularly striking, but I thought grouping them on this platter and filling them with colored sand was creative and deserved a plug. You could duplicate this or even group a variety of non-matching wine glasses and fill them with the same filler to create a unique, easy, and quick conversation piece.

Opposite these wine glasses was this intriguing wine rack. Besides being different, I like how the cylinders vary in length creating some visual variety. If I bought this, I would place it at the end of my sideboard in the dining room to show off it's galvanized metal curves.

I saved the best for last. According to CB2's description of this puppy, er, I mean hippo, he "weights papers, herds books, frees stress." I don't know about the freeing stress part, but I'd love to put one to work in my office.

That's a small look into what caught my eye at CB2. Anybody else crushing on something from this wonderful shop?

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