Friday, October 9, 2009

Thrift Scores

If anybody knows me, they know I like to do some thrift shopping. Garage sales, estate sales, tag sales, yard sales, secondhand stores, thrift stores, Craigslist, Goodwill, Salvation Army—I love them all. I inherited this passion from my mom, who has been known to score a garage deal in her time, but I think I might have hit my peak a couple weeks ago.

My parents were visiting Justin and I one weekend and my dad left my mom and I to do a little "vintage" shopping of his own, at the car show in Joliet. Justin used to be a fan of sale-ing with me Saturday mornings when we were in college, but now he prefers to let me have my fun all by myself. So, when my dad said we were off the hook of going to the car show with him  and Justin begged off mumbling something about mowing the lawn, fixing the car, and other things on his honey-do list, we grabbed our cash and coins to go junking, however, my wallet was dry. I never carry cash on me, so Justin generously emptied his wallet into my greedy-little hands, a whopping $6.10, and told me not to spend it all in one place. I wish I could say that I listened to him...

Not more than 2 minutes in the car (or even out of my subdivision) did we spot a promising sale (2 blocks from my house). It was labeled an estate sale, but it was more like a garage sale. The estate sales that I have been to in the past allowed buyers to walk through the house and everything was for sale. This sale had a couple tables of stuff and some furniture. In fact, what caught my eye to stop were a pair of low-slung arm-chair frames. When we walked up I thought to myself—SCORE!—but had to play it cool so I gave the whole place a once over, and in the process found some vintage fabric that would make Jonathan Adler proud. Then I asked how much the chairs were.

(Cue the drumroll....)

The woman was so sweet when she responded, "Oh, well, five dollars...but they are a set and there's a couch as well."

Hold up, stop right there, halt! Did my ears deceive me? I repeated the price, "$5?" and she said yep, "and there is a couch?", and she said yep, "are you sure?", and she said yep, "Mom! They're only $5 and they come with a couch too!" and the skies opened up, and I heard the heavens singing. If I would have died right then, I would have been the happiest girl ever.

So, enough gloating about my thrift score of a lifetime, you gotta check out the goods!

The show car-stopping chairs:

...and the kicker-nearly-freebie couch

I am going to make box cushions for these, so watch out for my after post of these beauts in a couple weeks the future. Happy Friday!

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  1. Oooo...these are awesome. I'm excited to thrift shop with you soon!



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