Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Six Month Sabbatical

You may have very well noticed that over the last six months there has been a break in the blogging here on The Design Slice. It wasn't planned or prepared for, but necessary as many things have changed in my life and I just couldn't find a shred of spare time to put my digits to the keys. Therefore, I forwent subjecting you to a half-assed post in exchange for a full blown respite. Nonetheless, I recently realized how much I missed writing and sharing our travels and projects so I'm here to say I'm back! And although I don't have something as crazy as this chair that Stephan Sagmeister created during his year-long sabbatical, here's a short overview of what I/we have been up to.

I accepted an adjunct faculty position in the Art and Design department at the University of St. Francis and successfully completed a semester of teaching graphic design.

I completed and received my Master of Arts in Education.

I started a new job as the design manager in the University Communications office at Aurora University, trimming my commute time from 2+ hours one-way to 25 minutes—woo hoo!

We took a trip to Arizona with my parents—yay!

Justin's employer sent him to Melbourne, Australia for six weeks and I visited him for one of those—double yay!

The day after Justin got back to the states from his Australian-assignment, we competed in our first triathlon.

A few weeks later my best friend Dawn got married and I was her matron-of-honor—triple yay!

And if that wasn't enough, we also found time to participate in few 5Ks; I road-tripped-it to Minnesota and Missouri sans Justin; we laid over 600 square feet of hardwood flooring; and just spent last weekend in Southwest Michigan with our good friends Troy and Stephanie. Apparently, since our massive trip over Christmas and New Year's we have been infected with the travel bug but don't you worry your pretty-little-heads, I have oodles of photos to share, which reminds me...have I even finished sharing all the photos from my trip to England in the fall?

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  1. One word: WOW!

    Very impressive! Each and every item is impressive! Sounds like you had several reasons not to blog for a while!


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