Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fabric sweeper? Fabric sweeper!

When I write a post, I start by popping in photos then narrating as I see fit, but when I saw the order of these images and began collecting my thoughts, I thought it looked like a silent commercial for this trusty cleaning tool or almost like a photographic madlib game (remember those?). However, for those of you who don't have an overactive imagination such as myself, I commented anyways.

(Look at this horrendously hairy chair seat! It looks like Big Foot spent a few too many hours here. How can we quickly remove all of that in a few minutes and without having to remove the chair cover to throw it in the dryer—because that works too?)

(I know! Let's try this new cleaning tool that swears it can remove pet hair that would otherwise use 145 sticky roller sheets to eradicate.)

(Ooooo looky-looky, with just a quick little side-to-side, swish-swish, the black pet hair begins to disappear from the ivory chair.)

(Leaving this freshly cleaned chair seat—awesome!)

(Although the packaging touts a one-time use out of the little sucker, anyone with eyeballs can figure out that by snapping out one of the rollers, the hair is easily removed and can be snapped back for another go.)

(Thanks Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair! Our chair looks new!)

I felt this mighty-tool was worthy of a post because it is, as I already exclaimed, awesome. We only have two cats but even then, it seems their hair is everywhere, so when my mother-in-law gifted us this nifty-gadget she gave me the responsibility of reporting back on its effectiveness. Well, as you can see, it is effective, quick, and best of all reuseable and it not only worked on the smooth fabric of this chair but also our microfiber sectional—yippee!

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