Monday, September 28, 2009

My family really loves me...or do they?

This past weekend I left Justin all alone and joined some female relatives for our annual Craftin' Cabin (CC) soirée in Edgerton, Wisconsin. I always look forward to this weekend because I get to see my Aunt, Grandma, and Mom without having to drive very far. We eat, drink, chat, watch movies, and listen to music, it's a great trip and the cabin is fully equiped for our needs. Typically, they use this time to try to catch up on their scrapbooks while I am generally glued to my laptop, but not this year. I am proud to say that I spent the entire Saturday on the sewing machine. I made it my CC mission to sew curtains for the remaining curtain-less rooms around my house (more on that later), so, when I arrived Friday night, I was ready to go.

I unloaded the mounds of stuff from my car and my Grandma showed me to my spot. Now, I must say that in addition to us four, there were five other women with us, four were my Aunt's friends and the other was my Aunt's mom, and it's no secret that the cabin is on the smaller side to squeeze 9 adults into 3 bedrooms, but hey, we'll do almost anything for a husband-, pet-, boyfriend-, or child-free weekend. However, when my Aunt sent our room assignments ahead of time it didn't dawn on me the accommodations sacrifice I was going to make. As my Grandma and I chit-chatted up the stairs she led me into the room she, my mom, my Aunt's mom, and I were going to share.

Great room, right? Do you see something missing? Because I did... like maybe a fourth bed...for me?

Oh, wait! What's behind the door and through that curtain back there?

It's another bedro-er-closet, with what looks like the most comfortable bed I've ever laid my eyes on.

Ah, bliss...

*I still love my family very much, I just like to give them a hard time.*

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  1. I do believe your family loves you very much! You had a pillow, blanket, and a chocolate. So at least you didn't have to sleep in the car.


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