Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heavenly Headboard

I created this headboard for our twin-bed guest room a couple months ago. It was a challenge because I wanted to frame it with 45º angled corners and on top of that wanted to tuft it. I found plenty of tutorials online about how to upholster a headboard, but never found the right one that taught me how to tuft it. Here's the bed before in all it's redness:

Somewhere in my mind a few years ago, the combination of the paisley sheets and red striped duvet cover made my heart pitter-patter. Unfortunately, I don't feel the same today. So in addition to a fabulous headboard for this lone ranger, it also got high quality sheets and a new duvet cover. Here's a photo of the frame in pieces.

I used a piece of MDF wood as the base. I cut the foam slightly smaller than the opening in the frame, glued it to the middle of the MDF, stapled down low-loft batting, and stapled down the satin fabric. I attached the frame edges next by screwing them on from the back of the headboard and tucked the edges of the fabric under the frame edges to hide the excess. The second to last step was to tuft the headboard. I drilled small holes in a grid pattern on the back of the headboard; pushed a heavy-duty needle through the hole; straight through the foam, batting, and fabric; threaded the needle through the button; and back out the hole. This took some straight shooting and was nice having a second person on hand to help feed the needle back. Then I threaded the needle through a small, flat button on the back of the board to anchor the tufted button on the front side. Securing a tight knot on that back button was the final tufting step and I dabbed a bit of super glue just to provide extra strength. The last step was to affix the legs to the back of the headboard. Here is the after:

Doesn't it look fab?!

A way to make it completely custom is to purchase a button cover kit. The buttons come in various sizes and it gives you instructions and materials to cover the buttons with whatever fabric you choose. I purchased the duvet after I finished the headboard, but little teal buttons would look fantastic instead. However, the covered buttons with the same fabric as the headboard creates a custom look. Magnifique!

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  1. WOW this does look fabulous and I'm going to try that when Kurt & I get into a new house. Looks very rich!


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