Thursday, November 18, 2010

HOW's Goodies

In June I took a short hiatus to attend the HOW Design Conference in Denver, Colorado. I had a great time and am very grateful to my employer for sending me. In addition to absorbing as much creativity as I could, and being inspired by the wonderful lecturers, I picked up a boat-load of goodies including the Eat Local screen-printed dish towel that I framed and hung in our mini hallway. Here's an overview shot of my bounty.

Mohawk paper handed out hundreds of these reuseable Baggu shopping bags, which google told me normally cost $8 a sack!

French paper company handed out these awesome frisbees, which Justin and I needed since our former frisbee took a trip down the river last summer.

They also handed out these paper specs that were en masse at the white party.

The mini peace lily on my desk now hails the name Mr. French but isn't afraid of his Kanye West tendencies. Bravo French.

From Hoefler & Frere-Jones I received some typography fortune cookies. You may see this saying as my google status every now and then "Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill; use too many fonts and your eyes will fall out." True story.

And no goodie bag is complete without a handful of pins. The ones on the paper board are from Shutterstock and, if I remember correctly, the others are from Veer.

For the first two weeks back in the office, I rocked them like a champ.

Did anyone else attend the HOW Design Conference? What goods top your list?

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