Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another episode of Hoarders

Shield your eyes! Anyone who knows me (and most of you do) are probably in shock by the condition of the office in these photos. These first few photos shown here I took just after I set my 2010 action plan (see those curtains, remember when I moved them to the dining room?).

And rather than slowly working on this room throughout the year, over the course of the following months it got worse.

What's that do I hear? Somebody whispering "hoarder!"? I know, I know, this is pretty bad and I would be the first to admit it. I mean look! There are empty wrapping paper rolls, posters delicately laid over the back of my office chair and on the floor, stacks of pillow forms, no empty square inch on the surface of either of our desks, not too mention the hundreds of other things crammed and hidden behind other junk. Can you blame me for never sharing this awful room with you? (Look at Harley peering into the empty box as if to say "What! These boxes are empty?")

I planned on posting a before and after of just the simple clearing out of everything, but I really want you to experience the full before and after effect once I post pictures, and honestly, this room truly is a work-in-progress. So, I leave you today with these images simmering in your creative minds thinking "what will the room look like?"

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  1. I can't wait. Perhaps it will inspire me. I hope so, anyway.


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